Schraufnagel Implement
1201 Church St.
Lomira, WI

Service Description


Tip up cab to clean machine inside and outside as needed.

Pull off wheels to check out axle brgs. and seals.

Check and adjust drive chains as needed.

Check out drive chaincase lube, change if needed.

Grease all zerks on machine. lubricate all linkages on machine.

Change engine oil and filter.

Change fuel filter and check all fuel hoses on unit.

Change hyd. filter and fluid if needed, recommended to be changed every 1000 hrs of operation.

Check and change engine coolant if needed.

Check air filters, change if needed.

Check battery and clean cable connections.

Check all lights for proper operation as equipped.

Check all cold weather starting aids for proper operation as equipped.

Check out starting system and fan belts.

Check out all motor mounts and bolt for wear and proper torque.

Check and repair all oil leaks on unit.

Inspect all hoses for excessive wear or damages.

Check safety switches on unit for proper operation.

Check adjustment for all drive linkages on unit.

Check adjustment of all loader linkages on unit.

Check all tires, rims, and wheel bolts for torque.

Check cab heater for proper operation if equipped.

Check cab windshield wiper if equipped.

Inspect loader frame and bucket attachment for excessive wear or damages.