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Lomira, WI

Service Description

Lawn & Garden

20 Point Checklist

1. Change engine oil and filter*

2. Clean, or replace air filter*

3. Inspect fuel system, replace fuel filter if necessary*

4. Inspect, clean, regap, or replace spark plugs*

5. Sharpen and balance mower blades, or replace if necessary*

6. Check deck for levelness

7. Grease entire unit - chassis, deck spindles, idlers, wheel

spindles, pivoting front axle, and any other grease point your unit

might have

8. Inspect all belts for cracking and wear. Replace if necessary*

(Additional labor charges may apply)

9. Fill tires to correct air pressure

10. Clean battery terminals

11. Check starting, charging, and ignition systems

12. Inspect throttle and choke control cable operation

13. Test engine RPM’s and adjust if necessary

14. Inspect power train. Add or replace fluid if necessary (Average on replacing transmission fluid is

very 200 hours

15. Inspect transmission filter if equipped. Replace as necessary* (Average on replacing

transmission oil filter is every 200 hours

16. Check to make sure all safety switches are operating correctly

17. Inspect shift/clutch mechanisms and lubricate if equipped

18. Inspect and adjust electric clutch if adjustable

19. Test overall performance

20. Power wash unit off

Beat the rush and save so you can your mower ready for the

cutting season. We’ll even throw in FREE PICK AND DELIVERY

AND BLADE SHARPENING. Service special expires 5/30/2019.

Sales tax, replacement parts, and labor for maintenance above

and beyond the checklist are not included.